Kotobukiya Bishoujo - The Bride

December 3, 2018

So, as a Bishoujo collector, the thought of ending 2018 without having bought a statue for myself was driving me insane. I run a Bishoujo collector group on Facebook and I felt a bit like a fraud at not having a new statue to show for my collection this year.


Very dramatic, yes, but still! It's how I was feeling and it was getting me down. 

So a UK based website had listed that they were having a week of Black Friday sales, and I knew for a fact that had Bishoujo. So I kept my eyes peeled, and voila! The Bride was the first one on offer, super tempting but my issue was that it didn't fit into my what I would buy categories:


Marvel - ❌
Character that I know and have an interest in - ❌


But for under GBP 40.00, it was a steal! And certainly not something I would consider paying full price for. So into my basket it went! And it arrived in 2 days which was fantastic. Who did I buy it from you ask? Well I purchased it from KapowToys Ltd.


I have purchased from this company before, and the service was fantastic. My partner regularly uses them for his Transformers as well, so it is a company we would both recommend for UK buyers.



The Bride


I've never seen the film, and I don't like Tarantino films at all. Yes I know, what is wrong with me! However when this figure was announced, it did intrigue me. But like most collectors within our group, my issue was the HUGE yellow base. Overall the figure was too yellow and the base could have done with being either an environmental base or something less yellow.


Her stance is nice and dynamic, showing she is ready for battle whilst holding the Hattori Hanzo blade with two hands. I've found when displaying her that you need to have her at an angle, otherwise she appears to have a serious case of lazy eye which is another downer about this piece, so be sure to have her at a side angle! 

Anyone who has purchased this will know, that blade is so fiddly to get into her hands! I spent ages off camera trying to fit it as I was scared of snapping it. However, once it is in there it won't be moving anytime, that's for sure! 


The nicest part of this piece for me, is the detail in her clothing. All of the folds on the jacket and trousers, giving emphasis to the movement of this statue. And the stitching in the trousers! It's really good, I was totally surprised by this.


Anyways, I won't go over it in too much detail, you should watch my video for that.


Unboxing of the Bride






Do you collect Bishoujo statues? If so, join our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KotobukiyaBishoujoCollectors/ 

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