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My wallet/purse was destined to be empty ever since I bought the first Spawn Angela figure in 1995. My collectible career has evolved quite a bit since then.


In 1997 I started reading comics. Back in those days we actually had local comic stores. It was great! I seemed to migrate towards Jim Lee’s art. I loved reading the X-Men titles and Wildcats books. That holofoil chrome cover on Wildcats issue 2 pulled me in. From there I progressed into reading Spawn and that was the influence for me to start collecting the McFarlane figures.


I had a whole wall full of MIB female McFarlane figures. They were amazing. (I am tempted to buy them again.)


I then progressed to Star Wars and Harry Potter busts by Gentle Giant. I even had the 1:1 Upper Deck Spider-Woman bust and the 1:2 Linsner Dawn bust.


In 2006, I decided to change the focus on my collection after seeing a glimpse of the Sideshow Emma Frost Comiquette. (Can you believe that it retailed for $125!?!?!?!?)


I started out collecting the Sideshow Adam Hughes Comiquette line and then eventually progressed into their Premium Formats.


Over the past few years I have been focusing mostly on quarter scale statues, Kotobukiya bishoujos and female resin kits. Due to prices skyrocketing, I eventually plan to just focus on the J Scott Campbell Fairytale Fantasy figures and resin kits.


Thanks to Kim, I am a admin in her Kotobukiya Bishoujo Collectors group and the sister BST group. I am also an admin for the DC Bombshells & Cover Girls Statue Collectors group alongside my friend, founder Jorge Nrike. I have also been an active member on Statueforum.com (2008) and sideshowcollectors.com (2009).


I am the most active on the resin kit forums, like www.garagekits.us and theclubhouse1.net.


My current collection focus is:

  • Sideshow J Scott Campbell Fairytale Fantasy statues

  • ¼ Scale Sideshow and XM pieces

  • Kotobukiya 1/6 scale and bishoujos

  • Female resin kits